How to change skin in DirectAdmin

DirectAdmin is an amazing control panel software. I love the features it offers. But I really do not like the default “refreshed” skin. I find it ugly and loud. To be honest, their skins have never been the nicest. So when I install DirectAdmin, the first thing I do is change the skin. They have 2 skins I will use. One I like, and the other I will use if I have too. I like the Icongrid layout. It’s plain and easy to find everything. My opinion, it’s a control panel. Its purpose is to manage things on the backend of your site and hosting account. I don’t need flashy, I need clean and functional. There other skin, I don’t mind is the standard.

  1. Log into your DirectAdmin control panel
  2. Click on Admin tools
  3. Click on Customize Evolution Skin
  4. Click on Layout
  5. The first option is called Default Layout. Here is a drop down menu to chose your desired skin. For resellers and Admin, you can select the option Forbid users changing the skin layout on user level if you like. (I do)
  6. Then on the right side, under Actions, click on save changes.
  7. Refresh page to view new skin.

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