How to install Raspbian onto my SD card

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How to access my Raspberry Pi with a keyboard and mouse

Create a file called SSH (with no extension) in the boot partition
Remove SD card and put it in your Pi and power on.  You only need a network cable and a power cable (from wall or a powered USB)

Log into your router and find the connected device.  It will be labelled raspberrypi and have an IP address associated to it such as

Now connect to your Raspberry Pi using that IP you see, and the username: pi password raspberry

How to update your Raspberry Pi

Once you are logged in, you should update it right away.
Type the command sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y <enter>
This will update your Pi software to the latest version.

How to set the correct timezone on your Raspberry Pi

Type the command sudo raspi-config  <enter>
Select 4 Localisation Options <enter>
Select I2 Change Timezone <enter>
Select the region and city you are in or want to use. <enter>

How to setup a private vpn using PiVPN

curl -L | bash <enter>
Press enter twice at the next couple of screens
Select Yes to use a static IP address.  Keep note of this IP as you will need to add this to your router later.

Press enter a few times on the OK screens
Select Yes to the “Do you want to enable unattended upgrades of security patches to this server?”
Select the default UDP protocol <enter>
The default port is 1194.  You can change this, but be sure to remember to set that in the software when you connect.

Select Yes to the encryption section and choose the default 256 bit

Press enter to complete and then reboot the Pi when asked.

To add a user to use the VPN, type pivpn add <enter>
Enter usne