My Laptop

Current Laptop – Acer Swift 3

My current laptop I use is the Acer Swift 3. I purchased this laptop in January 2018, and have been using this since. I use this laptop often when I am not at my desk.

What I love about this laptop and the features I wanted in a laptop.

  1. Price. I paid $699 CAD for this laptop. This is the cheapest ultra-book you can find and stacks up very nicely with the more expensive ones.
  2. 1080p screen. It was hard and can be still today, to find a 1080p screen in the price range.
  3. Backlit keyboard – This is something I wanted since my older laptop did not have this It’s great to use when its dark. You can easily see your keys, and you are not always tilting your screen downward.
  4. Intel i5 CPU. Most cheap Windows laptops can come with slow CPU’s. I wanted at least an i3 but was aiming for i5. This one has the Intel Core i5-8250U
  5. SSD – Most laptops then had SSD. So this was the norm.
  6. RAM – 8GB of ram is enough for me what I do. I basically live in a chrome browser.
  7. 14″ Screen. I wanted a smaller screen so I could have a smaller laptop to carry around.
  8. USB3 – this laptop came with 2 of them and one for charging. Also comes with a USB-C
  9. Battery life – It has an excellent battery life. Not as good as 2 years ago when I got it, but still pretty good.

Acer Chromebook c120p

I bought this chrome book back in 2014 or 2015. I needed it as we were going to travel, and I wanted something small to use. But overall, I have been disappointed with it, and don’t use it. EOL is June 2020, and I had passed this one onto the kids shortly after I got it. I paid $179CAD for it.

What I do like about it…

  • it’s small 11″ screen. (I wanted something small, light and easy to carry)
  • Amazing battery life. I put Netflix on it for 14 hours straight, and still had a little life left.
  • It’s a chrome book (I do like these laptops, just get one with a good CPU)

What I don’t like about it…

  • Very slow. It uses an ARM CPU. As great as they are for phones, I found them to struggle for a Chromebook.
  • The 1366 x 768 resolution. I knew this when I was buying it. At $179 you can’t expect much.


This was my first laptop I bought in 2009, and it’s still going. (It’s my wife’s current PC at the moment)

I bought this at futureshop back in the day. It was a refurbished laptop. Lenovo laptops are the only ones that had a 1 year warranty on the refrubs. So for $299, I grabbed it. It was a steal

What I liked about…

  • Intel 2nd Gen i5 CPU (2450)
  • 6GB of ram
  • 320GB sata drive, but I took that out and put in a 64GB SSD (What a difference)
  • 15″ screen . It had a 1366 x 768 resolution, but that was the norm
  • DVD Burner (Yeah this thing is a tank)

What I don’t like about it

  • Intel built in video card. (Not meant for any gaming)