This website

Some people ask me what my website is, how I made it, how does it run etc. I will explain how to make a WordPress site here.

For this website, the software I use is WordPress. The reason I use WordPress..

  1. It’s free. No cost to use this software.
  2. Always getting updated.
  3. An abundance of themes and plugins to use, which many are free.
  4. Much more freedom and control than using a Paid web builder.

Can anyone use or make a website from WordPress?

Of course. Once you learn how to use the software you can lot. Your imagination is your only limit.

Why is your website so plain and boring?

Because that is how I like it. Easy to read, little to no distractions. Oh, how I don’t miss websites from the early 2000s. Flashy things all over the place.

Why not use Wix, or squarespace or weebly.

Being technical and wanting freedom and control, I would never use a service like those. Now, are they bad to use? No. But I prefer freedom, control, and much much more options

This website is powered but WordPress. Always using the latest version of the software. Giving me access to new features and patching security holes.

I am not using any 3rd party page builder, just the built in Gutenberg. WordPress has come a long way. When Gutenberg first came out, it was hated a lot. But it has come a long way. There are other page builders out there that are more powerful. But if you want a simple site this is perfect.


This is the look and layout of your website. I like a simple and easy to read look.

OnePress is the current theme I am using and like to use on some websites. Its very simple in design, but has lots of great features on the back-end.


Plugins are great. This is where the you can take your site to the next level.

The plugins I use on this site are…

  • Autoptimize – optimizes the code to make the site load quicker
  • Clean and Simple Contact Form – so people can contact me with out having my email address listed
  • Companion Auto Update – automatically keeps my site up to date
  • Head, Footer and Post Injections – allows me to code placed anywhere
  • Last Modified Timestamp – tell you when page was last update
  • Really Simple SSL – configures site to use SSL via https://
  • WP Statistics – lets me know how many visitors I have had to my site