Tradingview Basics

Now that you got Tradingview configured, now lets go over some basic functionality.

Moving the chart

With your mouse, you can left-click and hold and drag the chart left or right. This way, you can see in the past what happened already. Great way to see what your indicators are telling you.

Use your mouse scroll wheel with zoom in and out of the charts. Scroll up to zoom in to get detailed in and zoom out to see more history on chart. Good way to see what the trend is.

If you ever get lost, or did something that really messed up your chart, you can right-click anywhere in the chart, and a popup will come up. Click on the first option, Reset chart. This will take you to a default view.

Along the top you will see options. The first one beside the pair you are trading will be the timeframe. Click on it and you will see its divided into time frames. Seconds, minutes, hours, days.

You will not have access to seconds, unless you upgrade your plan. I suggest your stay in minutes and hours for your normal trading. Days are good to see a larger perspective of the market. As time gones on you will get a better understanding of the timeframes and how and when to use them.

Beside that is your candle type. Most popular are Candles and Heiken Ashi. Both are good to use, I prefer Heiken Ashi as it gives you an idea of the trend.

On the right section, the top icon, a box with lines on it is your watch list. A section to bookmark your favorite trading pairs. Click on the plus sign and a popup will appear. Here you can add your favorite pairs. Some suggestions are BTCUSDT, then click on the blue plus sign on the very right to add it. Let’s add another pair, type in ETHUSDT and then click on the blue plus sign. You can keep doing that until you have added all the pairs you want to trade in. Now you can quickly change between pairs without manually searching for them.

This is a basic intro to Tradingview. Feel free to look around and see what things do. If you ever mess something up, you can always reset the chart. And don;t worry, you can not make any trades from here as nothing is configure yet.

Let’s go add some free indicators to the charts to get an idea what is going

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