Welcome to my blog.  This blog will be a personal blog for myself.  I will post and share things of my interest for anyone.  If they help anyone, that would be excellent, but not the main purpose.  I am not drama or saying shocking things.  You will need to look elsewhere for that.  I usually see both sides of most stories.  So I am stuck in the middle lots.

Some of my interests here will be anything internet related.  I also like cryptocurrencies, (bitcoin, eth, rest of the altcoins).  I like funny things I find online.  I will try to share them here.  I also love to play waste a lot of time playing Rocket League.  This game is just so much fun.  You can grab it for $20 on Steam.  Sometimes it goes on sale for 25% or even 50%.  If you end up loving it, I will probably see you in the rabbit hole.  I also plan on sharing my weight loss story.  My forever battle with that.

This will be the umpteenth time I have tried to start this blog.  I keep trying then drift off.  I realized now if I would have just left it, I would have had some content over the last 10 or 15 years.   So I have to be honest, there will probably be periods of time when I do not post anything.  I live a very busy life at home.  Finding the time to do this will be random.

Spelling errors.  Be prepared for a lot of them.  Yes, I have Grammarly plugin installed, but some still slip by (probably by my laziness).  Grammar warriors, correct me all you like.  Heads up, I don’t care.

My plan was to never make money from my site.  Then I thought about it recently.  I thought, what would it take to make money from this.  So I created a brand new Twitter and Instagram account.  I am not sharing it with my family and friends.  I am curious to see if I can build something, but doing it very casually, non-controversial and see where it goes.  I am fully aware of the trolls and the haters out there.  I have been online long enough to see anyone who puts themselves out there, to get hate for whatever reason.  One thing I learnt in life.  You can not please everyone.   If you try, it will be so taxing to your mental state.   Let the haters hate.  Now constructive criticism is another thing.  That we all need for proper growth.

That will probably be enough jibberish from me.  I won’t get too personal about my private life.  I’m just a regular dude.  Married with kids, home, mortgage, etc.  Just another vanilla kinda guy.  haha, see what I did there?