Weight Loss Progress Report

So once again I am tackling my weight issue.  This attempt  5 or 6 now.  I lost track.  But I won’t give up (I guess technically I do give up in between attempts.)

So I begin the weight loss journey again on Sept 23, 2018.  I stepped on the scale and it’s at 292.8 lbs.  Below I will post my progress in a simple chart.  I also have my myfitnesspal badge on here as well.

Week Date Weigh In (LBS) Plus/Minus Total Lost AVG/Week
0 Sep 23 2018 292.8 0.0 0.0 0.0
1 Sep 30 2018 285.9 6.9 6.9 6.9
2 Oct 7 2018 283.0 2.9 9.8 4.9
3 Oct 14 2018 281.1 1.9 11.7 3.9
4 Oct 21 2018 280.0 1.1 12.8 3.2
5 Oct 28 2018 275.4 4.6 17.4 3.5
6 Nov 4 2018 275.8 -0.4 17.0 2.8
7 Nov 11 2018 273.7 2.1 19.1 2.7

My Weightloss Journey

Once again, I am starting on my weight loss journey.  I have lost weight several times, (four times I believe), but I keep gaining it all back.  Losing the weight is the easy part.  It’s keeping it off that is tough.  I have learned now, that if you don’t plan on doing a lifestyle change, you will gain all the weight back.  What happened to me every time is I always go back to my bad/unhealthy habits.  The first time I lost 50lbs I was so happy, felt so much better and said I would never go back to my old weight.  We over a short period of time all my old habits crept back and the weight came back.  Each time. I realized I need to change my lifestyle.  My way of thinking,

For the last year, I have bee thinking about my weight gain again and know  I need to lose the weight again.  But I just did not have the drive to do it. That’ss the first thing you need.  The drive, the motivation to lose weight.  If you do not want to change your eating habits, lifestyle, you will not lose the weight.  For the last few months,  I have noticed how sluggish I have gotten, how difficult it is to get up from the floor, how tired I always am.  How I just don’t feel physically OK.  My clothes are getting so tight to wear, I get so tired just doing the simplest things.

So I decided enough was enough.  I realized I have to do something about this.  I know how to lose weight, that’s the easy part.  You don’t need anything special.  Pills, medicine, programs etc.  You basically just need to reduce your calorie intake.  Each time I lost my 50 lbs, all I did was focus on my calorie intake.  You can find out what your recommended calorie intake should be using tools online.  It depends on age, sex, height and current weight.