How to whitelist your IP in DirectAdmin

When you install DirectAdmin on a KVM/XEN VPS or a dedicated server, the firewall plugin called CSF (ConfigServer Security & Firewall) automatically gets installed. Note, if you install DirectAdmin on OpenVZ server, you can not install CSF.

To whitelist your IP, (so you don’t ban yourself), Under the Extra Features, click on ConfigServer Security & Firewall.

Scroll down and click on Firewall Allow IPs. Here you will see a box with text in it.

Click on the last line in the box and press enter to go to the next line.

Type in your IP address 123.456.789.098

Then after your IP you can leave a note for what this IP is for. After the IP press space and 2 forward slashes and a brief note.

Example: // Home IP

Click on the Change button below.

Click on csf + lfd button to restart the firewall app.

You should see Done and you are all set. This IP will not get banned for failed login attempts.

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