New Ikea desk – IDÅSEN

Well, a few weeks ago, due to the new arrangement at home, I finally got a new desk for my PCs. For about 5 1/2 years, I have used the Ikea Linnmon. It’s a very basic desk. It was supposed to be a temporary desk until I found something else. (To be honest, if I never left from the basement, I’d be still using it).

I had a hard time finding the desk I wanted. Now, I was not sure what I wanted exactly, but anything I saw I did not like. My work space consists of two PC’s. It had a 4 monitors setup, and a laptop with 2 monitors. It was a very long desk, about 80″. Great space for 2 workstations. Being on concrete, I could slide back and forth very easily. Or when someone was over, or my kids were with me, there was plenty of space.

But once I moved to a room upstairs, I had less space. That Linnmon may have worked if I was against the wall, but I wanted something different.

When I got my new 4K monitor, it took up less space than having 4 monitors. So I could get away with a smaller desk now. Thats when I found the Idasen. This desk is amazing. I can fit my 2 PC’s on here nicely. The depth is something I really like. With a large 32″ monitor in front of me, I can be further from it to work on. The depth on this desk is 32″ while the Linnmon was just 23″. It made a huge difference.

Other things I like about the Idasen is how sturdy it is The Linnmon is a simple desk. But it was very wobbly. There have been countless times I have bumped into it, it tip a bit and the front legs would lift. Watching my 7 monitors lean back gets your attention every time. The Idasen is much more strudier and heavier. This feels like a desk now. I also like how there are not legs on the side. I no longer hit them with my knee anymore.

The other thing I like very much is the mesh underneath for cable management. This really cleans things up a lot Instead of having all these cables hanging down to the floor, they are all tucked away under the desk. I even have my 5 port Netgear switch tuck in there a well, to connect the 2 PCs onto the network.

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