Welcome to my trading blog

Thanks for visiting here. Now, to be 100% honest. I am not a professional trader by any means. It is something I have been interested in for a long time, and jumped into it seriously back in January 2021. I had looked at charts on Trading view before, but I really did not have any idea what I was doing or looking at. I wanted to learn but did not know where to start.

So, naturally, like most people, you go to YouTube. But there are a lot of videos on how to trade. Where do you start? Who do you trust? Everyone is selling a course, indicators, and Patreon.

Some are good, and some are not. How do I know? I bought a few..

Also, with trading, there are so many styles of trading. What to trade, how to trade. It’s quite the world you are entering.

I, myself, like to trend trade. This is the easiest form of trading. The typical buy low sell high idea. Quick tip, never chase the buttons or tops. I don’t do that. Been there, done that. Sadly, I paid for it. I just focus on the current trends. You never catch the top or bottom, but you get in between.

When the market is trending up, I like to buy or long, and when it is going down, you can sell or short. (Currently, I just do longs)

There are many indicators out there that can assist you with this style of trading and any other style of trading. There is no one only way to trade. It’s whatever is most suitable for you. Time you have, assets you want to trade.

I primarily trade cryptos. I do trade stocks sometimes. Forex is something I am looking to get into as well.

I have no plans on selling any courses to you here. I don’t believe that would be fair as I am not a professional at all. I just want to show new people how I trade.

What I will do is have affiliate links to any services I use. And I will state when they are affiliate links. That is the only way I would make any from you is if you choose to use those links.

I will not sell or promote anything I do not use.

So what is the purpose of this website then if I do not plan to monetize it completely? Well, to have an online place for my own knowledge, and a place I can send people who are interested in trading. They can save a lot of the time I spent and skip the headaches I faced.

As stated earlier, the only way I will make anything is if you choose to use my affiliate link for any of the products I share.

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