How to trend trade crypto’s and stock’s


I want to be 100% transparent.

  • I am not a professional trader.
  • I am not a financial adviser.
  • Anything I say, offer or suggest is what I believe works.
  • I will not and can not guarantee or promise you will get similar results.
  • Always do your own research.


Welcome to my little space here on how I trade. I am by no means a professional. I’m just a regular person like you wanting to know how to trade and make it a full time career. A friend of mine told me trading is independent freedom. Trading is recession proof.

Those things he said really stuck to me. Whenever you have market crashes or recessions, markets are still trading. You can still make a good living trading or scalping.

Another beauty of trading, you can trade anywhere. You just need a device, internet connection and a Tradingview account.

Step 1 – Before you even make a trade.

Before you even make a trade, you need to do a few things first.

  1. Don’t quit your job. What ever is supporting you financially, keep doing it.
  2. Start saving funds to use for trading now. Slowly put away some money each paycheque.
  3. Do not take away from yourself/family that will affect your current lifestyle. Something you are willing to lose. So, if you do lose it, it won’t affect your life.
  4. Do not use your savings, retirement funds etc.
  5. Remove any emotion from these funds. Do not look at it as money. Look at it as a tool, or an investment. Like a tradesman who uses tools to work and make money, this is what your funds will be. One of the tools you need to make money As you invest in this tool and grows over time, so will your returns.
  6. If you have a spouse, inform them what you want to do so they know. Uneducated people believe this to be gambling. Explain to them what you are doing. This will reduce stress for them and you. Emotional traders get wrecked. And probably save your marriage. if told your wife, on Nov 9th, you took out a 2nd mortgage, and bought bitcoin cause it hit a new high it would be be good. You will be waiting for a bit to get that money back. That is when it’s gambling.

To be continued….

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